Google Chrome 42 and SAFARI Montage Media Player

By Kenneth Beasley on Wed, 4/22/2015

Please be advised that Google’s recent change to Chrome v42 (and later versions) disable NPAPI plugin support by default, disabling all NPAPI plugins, including the SAFARI Montage Media Player.


This change impacts desktop and laptop installations only and does not impact the use of SAFARI Montage with Chromebooks or Mobile devices using the Chrome browser as these utilize the SAFARI Montage HTML5 player.


Customers that centrally manage Chrome policies and have deployed an enterprise policy including the SAFARI Montage Media Player in the “EnabledPlugins” policy will be unaffected by the Chrome v42 change.


Customers that have not deployed an enterprise policy may do so via the Google Admin Console or Group Policy and add SAFARI Montage Media Player to the “EnabledPlugins” policy.


Customers that do not centrally manage Chrome policies and individuals can manually re-enable NPAPI support by accessing the following path via the Chrome browser and clicking “Enable” under “Enable NPAPI”.


To address this issue more broadly, SAFARI Montage v6.1, releasing April 27, introduces a fully updated HTML5 player, expanding native HTML5 playback of low bitrate content to include Home Access on desktops and laptops in addition to mobile devices.


Managed computers used for classroom presentation will still require the SAFARI Montage Media Player for full support, including access to higher quality, medium and hi-res content and live streams.


In conjunction with the release of SAFARI Montage v6.1, customers may also upgrade to newly available content drives, containing HTML5-optimized low bitrate video formats.


If you need further assistance or would like additional information, please feel free to contact SAFARI Montage Technical Support at 800-782-7230 or via email at