Adding YouTube videos to the LOR

By Gwen Smith on Sat, 2/20/2016
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Gwen Smith
Educational Technology & Learning Specialist, SAFARI Montage

  Learn more about adding a YouTubeTM video to the SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository! 

 Adding a video from YouTube to the LOR to add to a playlist or lesson?  Before you add that weblink, did you search the LOR to make sure that it wasn't already there?  We actively source and add quality OER  content, including videos hosted on YouTube, to the LOR.  So you might not need to add that weblink!  Some of the YouTube hosted content we have added includes: TED Ed, Khan Academy, Common Craft, Crash Course, HooplaKidz Lab, Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, Minute Earth, Numberphile, Mini Bio, Mathispower4u, Harry Kindergarten and more!  You may also already have access to publisher content (i.e Bill Nye, History Channel, PBS, Disney, etc) which you found on YouTube (but which wasn't necessarily supposed to be posted there...) in the LOR which was purchased for your use by your district. 

When adding a YouTube video weblink to the SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository, you can edit the link to set a custom start point and end point. Any user who plays the video weblink will experience your custom playback start and end points. The full length video will still be available from the same weblink, but you can control the segment that plays automatically!

We've also added an advanced option for users who want to customize the weblink beyond start and stop time. When this advanced feature is turned on by an administrator, you can select to freeform edit the link.  

 To set your custom start and and points, edit your video web link: 


As you are probably aware, the auto-formatting SAFARI Montage provides offers a limited view in our embedded player.  This presentation removes the suggestions for related videos and comments added by viewers from the display when played through our platform.  While this is a helpful step in making the video more classroom friendly, you should always preview all content before you show it in the classroom!  



Note: When you use the advanced option, it will bypass the auto-formatting provided by SAFARI Montage but it will allow you to edit the weblink to your desired specifications. In some cases, this option must be selected in order to play a video which the publisher on YouTube has set to not play outside of the YouTube interface.