Playing Your Playlists

By Gwen Smith on Wed, 9/21/2016
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Gwen Smith
Educational Technology & Learning Specialist, SAFARI Montage

Playlists can be played in one of two ways on SAFARI Montage: automatic or manual.  So which method should you use?

 I personally prefer the manual playback because it gives me greater control over my lessons when I am presenting them in front of the class.  However, it really depends how you are using the playlist!  There are many different types of playlists. Using an introductory playlist to hook student interest?  You might want to choose automatic playback so that each item will play, one after the other, until the end of the playlist while you are working on taking attendence at the beginning of class. Are you facilitating exam review utilizing a playlist? Then maybe you'd rather choose manual playback so you can navigate between resources on the playlist as needed.  Try out the different options to see what works best for you.   

And don't worry if you see this messaging: "One or more items withing this playlist cannot be played automatically" by your playback options. 

This is NOT an error message!  It's just alerting you to the fact that your playlist contains content which won't play in the small player - such as a web link, document, interactive or eBook - and that you'll need to use manual playback option.  As I mentioned earlier, this is the method I prefer for class presentation becuase each item will play and then stop.  I like to use these natural breaks between content to ask questions, start a discussion or even do a quick formative assessment to ensure my students are understanding the material. I also like this view because weblinks will open right in the player, like this TED Ed clip hosted on You Tube I found in the SAFARI Montage LOR: 

It is helpful becuase YouTube videos in SAFARI Montage display without the sidebar of suggested videos or the comments below the video which so often distract my stude. And I have both my controls for the video and my "Previous" and "Next" buttons in the bottom left which help me navigate between content items on my playlist.