Adding to Canvas from SAFARI Montage in v6.4!

By Gwen Smith on Tue, 9/6/2016
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Gwen Smith
Educational Technology & Learning Specialist, SAFARI Montage

 It’s now even easier to add content, playlists or lessons from SAFARI Montage to a post in Canvas!

The integration with Canvas and SAFARI Montage has been enhanced in v6.4. We’ve introduced a SAFARI Montage LOR button to the Canvas posting editor which will navigate you from the post directly to SAFARI Montage (no need to login!) so you can locate and add quality content and visually appealing lessons from SAFARI Montage to Canvas so students can access rich resources within the LMS. We’ve also added a Canvas button to all of our resources in SAFARI Montage to make it even easier.

Simply start a post in Canvas, and click on the new SAFARI Montage LOR button. . .

. . . locate the item you want to add in SAFARI Montage, and click its corresponding Canvas button. . .

And the item will be added to your post in Canvas as a hyperlink to the digital learning object. Once you’ve published your post, students will be able to access and view the content from SAFARI Montage embedded in Canvas!

Check it out:

For step – by – step directions on how to add content, including our video segments, playlists and lessons from SAFARI Montage to Canvas through this integration, use this guide: SAFARI Montage & Canvas Integration Enhancement v6.4