I will...use more digital content this year!

By Gwen Smith on Fri, 8/5/2016
Picture of member, Gwen Smith

Gwen Smith
Educational Technology & Learning Specialist, SAFARI Montage

It’s that time of year! As you plan your goals for the 2016-17 school year, remember to include using more digital content throughout your curriculum.

 You can easily find digital content on SAFARI Montage. And digital content can be used in any number of ways.  Play a pre-segmented video clip at the beginning of class to hook student attention or spark interest in a new topic.  You can use digital content to pose discussion questions or as supporting content for digital lessons or assignments in SAFARI Montage itself, or even in your favorite digital tool.   Check out these two great ideas for how to use the QR Codes from SAFARI to share content with students in your classroom today.  Don’t know what content you have? Check out this blog from Karen Conen, our content manager, to learn more about the digital content available at your fingertips!

If you’ve never logged into your SAFARI Montage system, or it’s been awhile since you have, the Six Simple Steps to Getting Started with SAFARI Montage will help you to quickly get logged in and using SAFARI. You can also use this as a handout to get your students started using SAFARI. 

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