What content is available on SAFARI Montage?

By Karen Conen on Mon, 8/8/2016
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Karen Conen
SAFARI Montage Content Manager, SAFARI Montage

 Want to learn more about the rich content available to you on SAFARI Montage?

As SAFARI Montage Content Manager, my primary job responsibility is to source the most educationally sound content from video publishers around the world.

Programs are selected based on the value they add to the SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository, their relevance to the K-12 curriculum, their production values, and their correlation to state academic standards and Common Core State Standards. Our extensive library includes blue-chip programming from well-known publishers such as PBS, Disney Educational Productions, Scholastic, Weston Woods, BBC Active, National Geographic and A&E as well as valuable content from smaller or international publishers you may not be familiar with such as 60 Second Recap to support high school literary analysis and Common Core 4Kids animated elementary math series. Check out our publisher list to learn more about our amazing content partners.

Our Video Streaming Library currently includes over 12,000 videos and 38,000+ images, audio files, eBooks, interactive files, documents and web links and we are adding more all the time! The titles included in our Content Packages cover K-12 Social Studies, Science, English Language Arts, Math, World Language Instruction, Fine Arts, Health & Physical Education, Character Education and more. Titles are correlated to Common Core and State Standards, and include extensive, standardized metadata to ensure that teachers can find exactly the content they need. Title lists and descriptions for each of our Content Packages are available on our main website.

Keep in mind that all of our Core Content Packages include free contextualized open educational resources – images, web links, documents, video, eBooks, audio files and interactive simulations – from a wide variety of sources including Khan Academy, TED-Ed, Crash Course, Edutopia, Teaching Channel, Project Gutenberg, National Archives, Library of Congress and more. When we add these OERs to SAFARI Montage, we’re correlating them- as it is relevant and appropriate- to academic standards so they are found easily among packaged content. For content hosted on YouTube, we play back videos in a classroom-friendly format which does not include the comments and suggested videos keeping your students focused on the content without distractions.

One of my favorite ways to help familiarize customers with our content is through my thematic content blogs on SAFARI Montage HD Network. For example, in the past I have written about SAFARI Montage content that could be utilized in lessons on the Olympics, Statue of Liberty, Veterans Day, Jack London, Jane Austen, frogs and more. Check back often as I am a frequent flyer on HD Network!