Blending the Classroom with SAFARI Montage QR Codes

By Diana Ryan on Mon, 6/13/2016
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Diana Ryan
Director of Digital Learning, SAFARI Montage

Want a new way to blend your classroom environment? Try using QR codes in stations or centers for independent or student collaborative use!

All content, playlists, and lessons in SAFARI Montage come with a QR code. All you have to do is add the QR code to directions for the station, print and place in a clear plastic picture frame or table tent. (These can be found for around $1 at the big box stores!) If you are short on time, you can always print a shorter version and fold the paper into a trifold for it to stand up on its own.

What is an example of a station you could create? If you are a civics teachers, and your students are learning about the different types of government, you could create a playlist with a QR code including the following learning objects in this linear format:

  1. Geoguessr: A website powered by Google Street View, where students would use environmental and  context clues to determine where in the world they were. Once identified the student goes back into SAFARI Montage.
  2. Country Form: The student fills out a form digitally, using any annotation app or word processing software, to identify:
    • The country
    • Distance from their guess on Geoguessr
    • Type of Government
    • Similarities with or Differences from the United States and Why
      • In order to find out the type of government of the country, the student will need to do a search in SAFARI Montage for facts on the country. They will click on the “Search” tab, adjust the publisher to “World Factbook”, then type in the name of the country.
  3. Padlet: Students will add their comments on this free site in order to backchannel their discoveries. Each student will identify the following:
    • The information from their country form
    • Whether or not they would want to live there and why

To access the QR codes in SAFARI Montage for a specific resource, go to the resource title page and click on the icon titled "QR Codes."  From here you'll be able to decide which code will meet your objectives for the station.










Each lesson and playlist also has a QR code as well as a permanent link.  So, similiarly you can use a permanent link to send a resource via email or add content to your Google Classroom or LMS. 
With so many different classroom uses, the possibilities for supported your blended classroom are endless!