Which Way to Search?

By SAFARI Guide on Mon, 9/26/2016
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There are a couple of ways to search in SAFARI Montage, so which one should you choose?

Keyword Search

This is the most common way to search and can be accessed using the search button on the main nav bar. Refer to the search tips to help you get better results when using a Boolean search engine. (Tip: If you don’t see the search tips, use the ‘reset’ option to start a new search and you’ll see these tips!) If at first you don’t find relevant content, try a more precise keyword or a phrase. For example, searching for “pyramid” will return results for both math and history. Try using a more precise keyword, more than one keyword, or a phrase to get better results:

Using multiple keywords can produce better results. For example, searching Egypt and pyramid will focus results.

You may use the title or host name as your keyword such as “Bill Nye” or “Reading Rainbow.” Also, don’t forget that content is organized into tabs by media type so browse across the tabs to see your results.

Standards Search

If you are looking for content which is specific to a standard benchmark, give the standards search a whirl. Click the standards button on the main nav bar and then use the search filters to narrow the options to display the standards which you teach. When you select a set, the standards within that set will display and links to correlated content will show on the right. Click this link to review content which has been specifically correlated to this standard.


Correlations for videos are done at the full show level but you can expand the video’s chapters and key concepts to easily locate the relevant content for the topic you are teaching.

When you need to focus on the content and skills for a state test, this could be a great place to start!

Subject Search

Did you try a keyword search but couldn’t quite find what you were looking for quickly because there were so many results? Try using the subject search to narrow a search by topic. For this, choose the subject search from the main nav bar. You’ll see subject headings (it will display as a folder) and you can click on one to narrow the topic by subject. Keep drilling down (or use the breadcrumb to go back a level) to explore topics and narrow results. For example, if you are looking for biographical content on athletes, you can more focus your search to a specific type of athlete (Olympian, African American, Football, Women, etc.). Related content will show beneath the search area:

You can use the filters on the right to further narrow results.


Quick Search

This is the same as a keyword search but you get there one step faster! Just enter your keyword in the search bar and click the button. Then you can narrow results using the filters.

Quick Search can be accessed from virtually anywhere in SAFARI Montage!  

So which way will you search next time?  Give each method a try and remember, always preview content before showing it to students. 


New user?  Check out the Quick Start Guide for more information on searching, playing content and using the system to create playlists as your digital lessons!