SAFARI Montage LOR on the go!

By Gwen Smith on Fri, 10/21/2016
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Gwen Smith
Educational Technology & Learning Specialist, SAFARI Montage

Did you know that you can search or add to the LOR from a mobile device, anytime, anywhere?

With an app for iOS devices and a mobile device friendly interface for the entire platform, you and your students can search all the same resources* you have at school on the go!  This gives you and your students the flexibility you need to access the rich resources in your LOR provided by SAFARI Montage or curated by your district.  

In addition to mobile friendly access from any device browser, SAFARI Montage does have an iOS app for iPhones and iPads.  While you may not be able to convince your students to watch educational content from their iPhones at the mall on Friday night, they will certainly be glad to know they can access resources from anywhere they have internet access.




Having your students perform in the classroom?  Want to record a mini-lecture and build a flipped learning playlist for students to complete outside of class?  If you are using iOS devices, the app will let you to capture live video and add it directly to the LOR from your device.  You can also capture or choose images right from your device and drop them in the LOR.  

Using an Android or other device?  Access SAFARI Montage from your device browser and upload as you would from a desktop computer!  When you upload, just tap the drop zone and your device will prompt you to capture or select from available options.  Capture or choose and the upload process will begin! 

Ready to get started?  Here is your LOR iOS App Teacher Guide for iPads and iPhones or use the LOR Uploading & Meta-tagging Digital Learning Objects Guide for non-iOS devices. 

Share how you are using SAFARI Montage in your 1:1 digital learning environment below! Log in to comment.  Not a member?  Join today!

*All available content is available but only media playable on the device is available for mobile playback.