Prohibition Ends – December 5, 1933

By Karen Conen on Sun, 11/27/2016
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Karen Conen
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What comes to mind when you think about Prohibition? Temperance? Speakeasies? Organized Crime? Turns out there’s a lot more to it! Learn about the roots of Prohibition, its impact on the lives of Americans and why it was eventually repealed by creating a Playlist or Lesson which utilizes the notable content available on SAFARI Montage.

Ken Burns: Prohibition (PBS) – This 3-volume series, directed by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, tells the story of the rise, rule and fall of the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and the entire era it encompassed. The film starts with the early history of alcohol in America and examines the 19th-century temperance and progressive movements through the repeal of the 18th Amendment in 1933.

The Prohibition Era (Almanac Newsreel) – Historic newsreel footage of the 14-year era of Prohibition in the United States.
Americans Celebrate Repeal of Prohibition (Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century) - Primary source footage of people celebrating the repeal of Prohibition in 1933.

The Roaring Twenties (Schlessinger Media) - The return to normalcy ushered in an exciting new era, including the start of the automobile culture, flappers and the revolution in manners and morals. The consumer revolution, the rise of advertising and motion pictures, the Harlem Renaissance, the Jazz Age and the golden age of sports were all glamorous new aspects of American life. Meanwhile, social polarization, prohibition, the Scopes Trial and the rebirth of the KKK represented the more sober social realities.

20th Century Turning Points in U.S. History: Program 3: 1919-1928 (Ambrose Video) - The ''Roaring Twenties'' was a tumultuous decade in the history of the United States, filled with recklessness and growth. Topics covered in this program include the amendment instituting Prohibition, the amendment giving women the right to vote, the Teapot Dome Scandal, J. Edgar Hoover's professionalization of the FBI, the Scopes Monkey Trial, Robert Goddard launching the first missile, Charles Lindbergh's historic crossing of the Atlantic and David Sarnoff founding of NBC.

America: The Story of Us: Boom (A&E) – This breathtaking journey through history features live-action recreations of key historical events and cutting-edge CGI animation to give viewers an immersive view of history in the making. America struck oil and the boom time began. Henry Ford brought the motorcar to the masses, and the nation hit the road. Massive engineering projects modernized the West. Intended to cure vice, Prohibition fueled the growth of organized crime in burgeoning cities.

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